For Your Consideration: The Founding Fathers’ Candidate

As the 2016 Presidential election in November draws nearer, political tensions continue to increase as the candidates’ showmanship has caused stagnation and dissent among many of the American voters. In today’s Activator, it is finally time to reveal our surprise candidate who might have what it takes to unite our nation during this trying time of increasing political struggle and polarization. Through his outstanding leadership skills, strong character, intelligence, and ability to inspire hope and promise in our country, we are proud to announce our candidate: the Founding Father Alexander Hamilton!

In founding New York’s first bank and serving as the new nation’s the first Secretary of the Treasury under President George Washington, Hamilton laid the foundation for our national financial system. In a time when a strong federal government for national defense and efficient commerce was far from a forgone conclusion, Hamilton championed the federalist cause and pulling our nations early leaders together for the common good, persevering through often bitter disputes with other early leaders of our country. His motivation and ambition to see our country unite for the betterment of its people guided him throughout his life as a veteran, politician, and an American Founder to work humbly for the people he served, who while remaining faithful to his political beliefs, did not let them hinder the forward progress of our young nation.

You may have recently heard Hamilton’s name sung from the rafters, as he has become the subject of the new, critically acclaimed Broadway show, Hamilton. When this show was first produced, no one believed it would become an immediate sensation. However, it is clear Hamilton’s life story is deeply inspiring, perhaps today more than ever, due to the divisive atmosphere of perpetual disagreement and political bickering that surrounds us. We shouldn’t be surprised by our attraction to the power of a united people and country, nor to our interest in and desire for a leader with a strong character and humble attitude, who can put the country ahead of themselves and help bring people together who have differing opinions, beliefs, and loyalties.

Here at Wealth Impact Partners, we are proud to say we have a personal connection to Alexander Hamilton. Two of our team members, Josh Procaccini and Jacob Murray both call Hamilton College their alma matter. Located in New York state and founded as one of the first liberal arts colleges in the United States, Hamilton College follows in its namesake’s footsteps as an academically challenging and enlightening higher educational institution that endows its students with meaning and purpose in their education and develops them into active citizens who are dedicated to being positive influences on the world. The work of the college and its alumni serve as a shining example of the legacy of Alexander Hamilton, in developing well-reasoned, articulate, successful individuals who are dedicated to the people they serve in both life and business.

Hamilton lived in an era not so different from our own, where he experienced a time of strong and passionate disagreement in the political arena. While he spent much time among politicians and held political jobs throughout his life, Hamilton never had the opportunity to serve as a presidential candidate. He was a dedicated and intelligent individual who emerged to play a catalytic and influential role in bringing us together as a nation to accomplish what may be our most glorious achievements to date –the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. No matter your political leanings or opinions, in our time of great tumult, perhaps our best option is to look to our triumphant past, hoping and praying, for a similar type of non-presidential leader to emerge and bring us together as a nation, much like Alexander Hamilton did in days gone by.

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